October 1943 thousands of jews fled from the coast of Zealand in Denmark to Sweden. On arrival, every person was protocolled by the Swedish authorities.

This database can be used to search for individuals which fled to Sweden in 1943 and the years onwards.


October 2018 marks the 75th anniversary of the action against the Danish Jews. 

The Danish Jewish Museum and Danish Institute for International Studies marks the occasion with the publication of the Swedish refugee protocols which was created when the Danish Jews fled to Sweden.

The protocols in this databse are copies from Riksarkivet in Stockholm and offer an insight into the experiences of the Danish Jews during their flight. Furthermore the protocols sheds a light on the routes, times of arrival and payments for the fare. The material is by no means complete but it does contain over 6.000 protocols of around 20 different types. There are more material available in the Swedish archives.

The Danish Jewish Museum often recieves requests from researchers, relatives and friends of the jewish refugees. The protocols answers many of those questions and offers the users of the museum an unique insight into the events that unfolded back in October 1943.

The aim of the project is to publish the protocols and secure an userfriendly database that meets the need for knowledge from researchers, genealogists and the education system.